Benefits of using promotional gifts


Are promotional products an effective form of advertising?

Corporate gifts are an effective form of advertising:

  • Business gifts and promotional items deliver a lower cost per impression than any other media, think of the exposure a printed mug, promotional pen or corporate umbrella gives
  • Research shows people prefer to deal with brands that are familiar to them
  • 79% are more likely to do business with a company following receiving a promotional gift
  • 84% believe a branded promotional gift increases brand awareness
  • People keep branded gifts on average 2.91 years
  • 25% of people keep promotional gifts for 5 years or more
  • 66% said they could remember the brand on a promotional gift they had received in the last year
  • Custom USB sticks were recently voted the most useful gift to receive, together with promotional pens, branded electronic items and printed mugs
  • Promotional gifts have the flexibility for accommodating various marketing budgets with the option of identifying just a few key clients to receive a prestigious gift or using a lower cost items to target the masses


Do promotional gifts work?

Promotional products work to:

Generate awareness of your product, service or event

  • Raise your company profile
  • Enable your company to stand out from your competitors
  • Allow the recipient (clients or staff) to feel valued

Cold Calling Advice

Promotional Gifts are effective tools prior to a cold calling campaign

  • Rather than target a client cold, send a promotional gift in advance as an introduction to your company, not only does it give you an icebreaker when making the call, the client will be familiar with your brand thus more receptive to hearing your patter
  • Ensure the gift is eye-catching to create an impact
  • Printed Foldable Frisbees make an effective, eye-catching, lightweight mailing gift to create impact
  • Branded Heat Reactive Mugs create the 'Wow' factor, the mugs have a heat reactive coating that reveals a full colour image when filled with hot water

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